Is Investing In Real Estate A Great Choice Of Investment?

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Open Plots For Sale In Shadnagar

In the past years, Hyderabad has been one of the top cities in India for its developments and establishments. It has now been reputed as one of the best dynamic cities in India and achieved its brand name. It is worth saying that there are many best areas in Hyderabad for investment. 

As the city is growing greatly, the rates of the lands have been enhancing rapidly. So for many buyers, it is difficult to purchase the land within the city of Hyderabad. As Hyderabad is expanding its territory, the surroundings of the city have got a great demand. The areas like Sadhnagar, have been making healthy returns for the past few years.

And due to the hurdles facing in many sectors like employment, education, medical facilities, hospitality, and ITes, the real estate market has been increasing with less risk and high-return investments. Buying open plots in Hyderabad is always a great option to invest in. If you are planning to build your dream home in the ideal place, then you can consider Shadnagar which has all the amenities available to lead a peaceful life. 

If you are thinking of making an investment in Hyderabad for profitable returns within an affordable range, then you can choose open plots in Shadnagar which is noticed as the micro-market can assure great profits. Let us have a look at why investing in Hyderabad would be your vital choice when it comes to investment:


Location is the vital factor that you have to consider while purchasing the open plots in Hyderabad. The price of the land is different from place to place and if you are keen on fruitful returns, then considering significant places would be the best option. 

 Hyderabad’s real estate market has shown exponential growth in the past few years. As the city’s connectivity is expanding with the Hyderabad metro, the city also accomplished the top position on Mercer’s Quality of Living Survey that will be conducted in 2019. Apart from the residential market growth, Hyderabad also achieved the best position in the commercial real estate market. 

Location Highlights:-

  • Just 4 km away from Bangalore Highway NH7
  • The road which connects Bangalore – Mumbai highway is proposed at 250 feet
  • The zoo park which is the biggest in Asia is located in Shadnagar
  • Much upcoming software phonics are arriving
  • Shadnagar Railway station and  Bus station are just 3km away
  • You can reach Amazon, Procter & Gamble PVT, Ltd, Johnson & Johnson, Textiel Park within just 15 min
  • Located near to many schools, engineering colleges Hospitals, Shopping malls, and ITIR Zone
  • Shamshabad International Airport is just 15 min drive away
  • Within 30 min drive, Hi-tech city and Hyderabad can be reached

Potential for upcoming workforces:- 

Shadnagar is now located as the centre of Software, Hardware, IT, Pharma and Industrial elements of the city. Several industrial establishments like major pharma & Rajapur Pharmacy SEZ industrial hubs and Balanagar Industrial SEZ which extends over 1,800 acres of land are located in Shadnagar. However, multinational companies such as Amazon, Procter & Gamble and John & Johnson are also located. 

The Telangana government has proposed certain development project establishments such as the textile industry, film industry and a satellite township. The commercial and industrial establishments could create great opportunities for employment that escalate the potentiality of investment. In parallel, this creates a great opportunity for the development of the residential area which is the important aspect of creating a great demand for DTCP approved plots in Hyderabad

Investing in open plots with sandalwood plants is the right choice to avail the profit while being financially secure at the same time. The values of the plots rise higher in the future which makes a great asset for your successful future.

Benefits involved in open plots in Shadnagar:-

Less initial investment:-

Investing in open plots is more cost-effective and your fewer investment plans bring you profitable returns in future. 

Less property tax:-

Everyone wants a comfortable property tax as it is particular. The property tax of open plots is low comparatively which makes a lower investment initially with many advantages in the long run.

Quick to sell and buy:-

Although the open plots don’t need any construction, investors can make their own decision about their open plots quickly without any delay.


You can consider any of the development options for your plot, and you can begin your plan if you want to build flats, apartments and houses. A plot reflects a valuable paper, where you can make your imaginations and make them true in reality.

Earn higher returns at low risk:-

Investing in open plots would be a great idea to earn high returns with minimal risk. Open plots investment make long-term returns. 

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