@ Burgula Village, near Shadnagar
3km from Bangalore highway
33 Acres
Eco-Revolution is here
Invest in Swargaseema Sandalwood Farms
  1. You get Appreciation on land & Revenue on Precious Sandalwood
  2. Let your savings give multiple benefits you will be helping in conserving the Environment.
Turn small investment to huge Eco profits it's easier then you think

Now come discover 'SIRULA SEEMA- I' to be your ultimate destination for investing in SANDALWOOD FARM LAND, fetching you with PEACE, PROSPERITY and PROFITABILITY.

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Why invest in Swargaseema - Sirulaseema-1

  • Indian Sandalwood (Santalum Album) is unique and there is no real substitute to it. Taking cognizance of the supply and demand gap in sandalwood production, the Forest Rights Act was amended in 2001 to promote cultivation of The Sandalwood in private lands.
  • Swargaseema Sandalwood Farms Pvt. Ltd. has acquired technical know-how and best practices in Sandalwood cultivation to ensure healthy plants by making appropriate investments. Partnering with Institute of Wood Science & Technology (IWST, Bengaluru), the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Government of India.
  • Swargaseema offers scientific crop management and consequent healthy growth of the Sandalwood plants together with robust security to the farm land.
  • By becoming a part of the Swargaseema family, you commit to cultivation & maintenance of Green coverage.

Salient features of "Sirulaseema - 1"

A preferred investment destination
  • DLF
  • Proctar & Gamble ( Multinational Manufactures)
  • Tide, Ariel Soaps Company
  • Johnson & Johnson Company
  • Kogent Company (Glass Bottle Manufacturing)
  • Flipkart
  • Symbiosis
  • Chaitanya Seva Trust
  • Sri Rama Chandra Mission (Youga Village)

    An investment for you and your loved one's secure future
  • The Proceeds to be handed over to the individual owners will be calculated on the basis of the overall price of Sandalwood at the end of the harvest period. The returns will be divided between the owners and Swargaseema on 60:40 precent basis.
  • Sandalwood prices have been increasing steadily at around 17% to 20% every year.
  • Price of Sandalwood in the year 1999 was Rs.750/- per kg, while the same is Rs.27000/- during the current year.

    Swarga Seema Housing Pvt Ltd
    Sold numerous Open Plots and Constructed Houses in and around Miyapur