Precious Forever!

Indian Sandalwood (Santalum Album) is unique and there is no real substitute to it. Taking cognizance of the supply and demand gap in sandalwood production, the forest Rights Act was amended in 2001 to promote cultivation of The Sandalwood in private lands.

Over many decades, India has been long deprived of this precious cash crop called "Sandalwood”. This unique tree yields lakhs and Crores of rupees however needs least human intervention or care for its growth. India is one among the only six countries which has the favorable soil and climate conditions to grow Sandalwood and was once a huge supplier to the rest of the world. However in the recent past the situation became such that India had to import Sandalwood from other countries as the natural resource from the forests had almost come to an extinct.

Since time immemorial, Sandalwood has been an integral part of our rich culture and heritage. Thanks to its multi-use qualities, it touches almost every aspect of our lives starting with religion to beauty/skin care products, herbal medicines, fragrances, arts and crafts etc. These are the very qualities which makes it a precious resource with great demand worldwide.

Out of 198 countries in the world only 8 countries are blessed with climatic conditions ideal for growing Sandalwood. And with Sandalwood oil content being the highest in trees grown in our country there is a huge demand, particularly for them across the globe.

Generally, the tree starts flowering between 4 and 5 years signaling the formation of heart wood. And if a tree is allowed to grow for 12-15 years, the heart wood yield will be much higher -anywhere between 20 and 40 kilos- giving way for higher income.
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